3 Ways To Dry Your Shoes Quick

Rainy season can be a serious problem. This is the hardest time to dry your cloth as well as your shoes. Maybe it looks not too serious at first. But if you only have a pair of shoes, a wet shoes can be problematic. And finally, you will try to find the best way to dry it faster. The question is, is it possible? How to dry the shoes faster? In here, you will see the answer for this.

You can dry your shoes faster with a piece of newspaper. Maybe it sounds a little weird, but this is true. At first, wash your shoes. Make sure there is no dirt on it. After you sure about it, just prepare old newspapers and pressing it. Put the newspapers into the shoes and do it until it is fully with newspaper balls. Leave it for about 30 minutes to let the newspaper absorbs the water.

After 30 minutes, remove the paper from the shoes. You will find the paper ball is getting wet now. This is because newspaper absorb the water very well. But one thing for sure, it does not dry the shoes at all. In fact, it is just reducing the water and makes the shoes looks a little bit drier.

Next, repeat the previous tip. Press the newspaper and make it to look like a paper ball and put it into the shoes again. But for now, you need more time to absorb the water. This is because the shoes is not as wet as before. There is only a few water inside. For this, you need to leave the shoes with paper balls inside for a night. In the morning, you will find the shoes is getting dry. Even it is not wet anymore.

maybe you wonder about one thing and asking several things such as, why you have to use newspaper? How about the other papers? Is it working too? Compared to the other papers, newspaper absorbs water much better. Beside it, you are not using it anymore, right? If you want to use the other paper, make sure to use the clean paper. At least, not the printed papers. It may leave ink inside your shoes.

Those are the simple tips for drying shoes much faster. But of course, there will always be the other way to dry your shoes. Besides using newspaper, you can also use hairdryer. Using hairdryer is also pretty effective. Unfortunately, it will be a little bit more difficult. You also need to spend more time to make it completely dry.
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