5 Things To Bring For An Active Vacation

If your vacation is planned for a series of recreational activities and active lifestyle, might as well prepare yourself. Now, the general rule when it comes to packing is to keep all your things in one carry-on suitcase only. So, what are the things that you should pack for your active vacation to ensure that youll be able to pull off the right activewear?

1. Hat with a brim
As much as you want to protect yourself from the sun, you include protection for your head as well. No one wanted to go home with a sunburned scalp after a long trip especially if you are expecting to spend most of the time under the sun. It also protects your hair from extreme damage caused by UV rays.

2. Travel-friendly sunglasses
You should also consider buying protection for your eyes against the UV rays. As much as you wanted to be fashionable while traveling, now is not the time to buy light-colored sunglasses that can be easily snapped into two while you are doing rigorous activities.

Invest in a travel-friendly sunglasses with 100% UV protection. Make sure that its not uncomfortable to wear and check its durability. It should also be shatter-resistant consider the fact that youre going to use it while off the road.

3. Long-sleeve shirt
When it comes to clothes, you should pack an item that can be used both inside the gym and famous touring destinations in the area. Decent-looking long sleeves with active properties can be used in biking every morning with leggings or jogger shorts. Later on, that day, if you are planning to visit the museum or dine in a restaurant, you can just pair it with a nice pair of jeans or skirt, and youre off to go. Stick to the classic design as well.

4. Sports bra
Choose a wire-free sports bra. You should be comfortable to wear bras for a long period of time since you are not at home. A sports bra should support your long flights. Its also handy when you go to the gym and is effective in keeping you from sweating from the inside.

5. Sturdy shoes
Lastly, bring a pair of sturdy hiking shoes with you. Just one pair that you can use if you decide to hike, bike, jog around the city and even tour the museums with a casual outfit. Make sure that you are comfortable wearing it because your feet need protection from the harsh elements of nature when you are doing recreational activities. Walking down in gravel roads, running a lot, and exploring the area is to be expected if you want this vacation to be purposeful with regards to your active lifestyle.

These five things will help you to pull off a proper fitness attire without carrying three suitcases in the process. Just bring the essentials and rest assured that youll feel comfortable all throughout the adventure that awaits your trip.

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