Non-comedogenic Makeup For Clearer Skin

Many women wear makeup to hide acne and blackheads, so it is a cruel twist of fate that makeup itself can exacerbate these skin problems. If you purchase products that are labeled as non-comedogenic makeup, however, you can lower the risk of more breakouts. those With Acne Or Blackheads Benefit From Wearing Non-comedogenic Makeup. Unlike Other Formulas, This Type Of Makeup Doesn’t Clog Your Pores, Says Janette Vince From

A comedone is commonly known as a blackhead, which happens when oil becomes trapped in your pores. Blackheads may be located anywhere on your face, but they typically congregate around your nose. Many foundation formulas, particularly those that contain oils and other emollients, can contribute to the formation of blackheads. Fortunately, there are many makeup foundations, in liquid, cream and powder form, that don’t cause breakouts.

Mineral makeup foundations have become some of the most popular non-comedogenic products on the market. They are lightweight but still offer full coverage, and because they are mineral based, they can help to absorb excess oil from your skin. Mineral makeup is easily applied with a large makeup brush, and it is available in a wide range of shades to suit every color and type of skin.

Popular Non-Comedogenic Makeup Brands

Nearly every makeup manufacturer sells a non-comedogenic or oil-free foundation formula. If you are on a budget, pursue the beauty aisles of your local drugstore for these brands:

CoverGirl Advanced Radiance Age-Defying Makeup
Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation
Revlon ColorStay Foundation for Oily Skin
Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Face
Rimmel Lasting Finish Mineral

For higher-end makeup, visit a department store or Sephora for these brands:

Bare Minerals Mineral Makeup
Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation
Elizabeth Arden Dual Perfection Makeup
Lancome Teint Miracle
Shiseido Matifying Compact

Tips for Keeping Skin Clear

Aside from choosing non-comedogenic makeup foundation, there are a few other routines you can incorporate to ensure clearer, smoother skin:

Dab acne spot treatment on problem areas on your face before applying makeup.

Smooth an oil-free moisturizer over your skin before you apply foundation. It will be easier to blend, and less product will provide you with more coverage.

If you use a makeup primer, also be sure to choose non-comedogenic formula.

Use a clean makeup brush to apply foundation rather than your fingers, which can distribute excess oil on your face.
Always wash your face to remove makeup before you go to bed, which can clog pores if left on while you sleep. Use a face wash targeted for oily or acne-prone skin.

Be mindful of purchasing non-comedogenic versions of other makeup products, including concealers, bronzers and powders as well as blush.