To Tone Or Not To Tone The Skin?

There has been some confusion over the years as to whether it is necessary to use a toner in one’s skin care regimen.

Toners help to deep cleans and detoxify the skin, they remove the last traces of any cleanser or soap residue and any impurities found in tap water. If you do not remove the leftover debris you make it easy to have breakouts and uneven skin tone can seem to appear overnight.

Many beauty experts will say it is not necessary to use a toner unless you have very oily skin, however, a gentle toner like rosewater is suitable for all skin types and can even help in hydrating the skin. Toners for oily or acneic skin usually contain alcohol and salycilic acid to combat bacteria and prevent the skin from breaking out.

For Anti-Aging

There are also the wrinkle fighters like hyaluronic acid, peptides, sodium hyaluronate and glycerin that are also found in certain toners and provide a good wrinkle treatment. Peptides are nutrient-rich protein fragments that help skin cells regenerate and reduce fine lines without irritation. These ingredients are helpful and not harmful, so to incorporate a toner in your skin care program that contains one of these ingredients will be beneficial.

The best formula for your skin care regime is to just pay attention to how your skin behaves. if you respond well to the use of a toner, stick with it. If your skin seems to be better without it, then do without. Your answer comes in the form of well groomed, even toned skin that is blemish free and looks glowing, not oily and not dry.

Payla Begoun writes in her book The Beauty Bible that Irritant-free toners are an excellent skin-care option for all skin types. They are fine as a cleansing step after removing the cleanser. Toners can also soothe red skin, lightly moisturize it, and offer some antioxidant plus anti-irritant protection.

Toner formulas to look for that are anti-irritating are 100% fragrance-free, colorant-free and alcohol-free. Anti-inflammatory ingredients that calm the skin are aloe vera, seaweed, rosewater, chamomile, red tea, lavender and other botanical extracts. These ingredients can boost the health of your skin and eliminate flakiness and dryness.

Aromatherapy plays another healing factor in a refreshing hydrosol spray with high grade floral waters that have gentle therapeutic effects. The steamed water that is left from producing essential oils creates the hydrosol or floral water.

Some hydrosols to consider are rose otto, which helps to soothe and moisturize, chamomile is anti-inflammatory, and lavender promotes cellular repair and is also great for burns, psoriasis and dermatitis, rosemary is energizing and stimulating!

If you feel ever so slightly confused as to whether to tone or not to tone your skin, take the time to read ingredients in whatever product line you are attracted to, and when you choose one to use, your skin wont lie to you. The answer is in the result of how your skin looks and feels.

If your skin does not feel dry, flaky, irritated, blotchy or too oily, you are on the right track. Your skin will thank you. It will only glow back at you.