The Four Top Most Important Cardio Exercises

Are you searching for other ways to lose weight apart from running? Well, you could try out proficient cardio routines which will help you build muscle as well as maintain your overall body health. Cardio work out increases the intensity of your heart beats and by doing this sufficient oxygen is circulated to the cells in the body leading to fat burn during and after workout. Whether you are using machines or not, what matters is doing it right.

Try out the best cardio work outs below;


Doing interval work outs is a fun and effective way to help you achieve your target. One of the best methods is spending half an hour on any cardio work out with 2 minutes of extreme hard work and 2 minutes of resting. This will be barely enough time to catch your breath, but it is the best in keeping your heart racing, enabling your body to burn calories efficiently. Just make sure you stay hydrated in order to endure the tension and also regain the water you will lose after sweating.


As much as performing this type of exercises helps you stay fit it also enables you to build endurance. Try exercises for 45 minutes, then swapping between 30- 60 -90 minutes with equivalent resting periods. This routine can be done in the gym and outdoors, provided you maintain the intensity.


You can burn fat in the comfort of your home so long as you push yourself out of your comfort zone. You can do this by incorporating interval aerobic exercises. If you are a gym lover then the good news is that you can also use any machine to perform this activity, spending 5 minutes of high intensity then 3 minutes regaining time, and do this consistently in an hour.


You should not use being unable to access the gym as an excuse not to keep fit, as there are low effort exercises that dont require any equipment and are just as efficient if carried out in the right manner. These include lunges and squats. Keeping fit does not have to be an uphill task. All that is required is to be consistent and self-disciplined.

It is also paramount to eat healthy and to drink plenty of purified water, because at the end of the day your body requires nutrients and water. Check into high quality alkaline water produced at home with water ionizers that produce super hydrating and detoxifying drinking water.