The New Generation Of Heavy Duty Concealers

The newer heavy duty concealers eliminate many of the disadvantages of older scar, blemish, and undereye circle minimizing makeup.

Not so long ago, full coverage concealers were thick, difficult to apply and remove, and produced odd, fake-looking results that often more resembled theatrical greasepaint rather than appropriate everyday makeup. Fortunately, the new generation of heavy duty concealers come in lighter consistencies, can be applied and removed with ease, and look much more natural on the skin than did their predecessors.

Tattoo Artist Kat Von Ds Tattoo Concealer

Kat Von D sells a tattoo concealer that is one of the best on the market. It is neither too greasy nor overly drying, and can be layered on for more coverage without smearing or appearing unnatural in sunlight. It is high in pigment, but none of the shades has peach, pink, or ashy tones. Best of all, it comes off easily with any normal cleanser and does not require an extra makeup remover to get the last traces off.

Dark tattoos would be unlikely to disappear under this makeup completely; but blemishes, undereye circles, and minor scars or brown spots are blended away or minimised very well. Permanent eyeliner is another option to awaken tired looking eyes, albeit more expensive.

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer

Amazing Cosmetics makes a pretty amazing oil-based concealer for dry or combination skin that is not acne-prone. It comes out of the tube thick, but blends down to a matte finish that looks fairly natural, and provides excellent coverage for most facial flaws. Although it is expensive, a little goes a long way. It contains cucumber extract to deflate puffiness and a small amount of Vitamin E as an antioxidant.

As a dark circle concealer, it tends to slip into any creases under the eye quickly; but for all other blemishes, it does a great job. The same line sells special setting powders, but any face powder will set and keep the concealer in place all day. Like the Kat Von D product, it washes off with ease. Note that some of the light shades are too pink for some skin tones.

Makeup Forever Full Coverage Concealer

This is another good product, which provides heavy-duty camouflage while looking relatively natural on the skin. It is somewhat more difficult to take off than the above products, but a few swipes with any decent eye makeup remover will do the trick.

Sources claim that Laura Geller and Smashbox both put out decent heavy duty concealers, which perform much like the above products.

Inexpensive Full Coverage Concealer Options

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer is very inexpensive; but comes highly recommended by users, consumer advocates, and makeup artists. The colours are neutral, and it does not crease or fade. One end of the product is a slightly pinkish highlighter that can be used to minimise facial lines or add an extra layer of coverage under the eyes.

While not as capable of full coverage as the above products, Soap & Glorys Trick and Treatment still performs as a terrific neutral concealer. It comes in only one shade called Bright On; but if that colour happens to suit a consumers skin tone, it is a very effective cover-up, but does not work well on very dark undereye circles. It costs about $10.00 and is available on Amazon.